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Step into the legacy of Marlago Boats, a trailblazer in the marine industry that foresaw the future of center consoles. Founded by David Shaw amidst an era dominated by motor yachts, Marlago revolutionized the scene with the birth of the Marlago – a big center console that surpassed all expectations. Today, Marlago continues to set the standard, crafting some of the finest, fastest, and most efficient large center consoles on the market. The Marlago 37SS, boasting a top speed exceeding 60 mph and a solid mid-40s cruise, showcases unparalleled performance and fuel efficiency with twin Mercury Verados. With a commitment to innovation and over two decades of expertise, Marlago is not just a boat; it’s a testament to going faster, riding smoother, and burning less gas, ensuring an unmatched boating experience for enthusiasts worldwide.

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Experience the pinnacle of luxury and performance with Marlago’s 35 and 37SS boats. Seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with timeless design, these vessels set new standards in boating. The sleek Marlago 35 and elegant 37SS cater to avid anglers and pleasure seekers, featuring state-of-the-art navigation, premium interiors, and powerful engines for an unforgettable water adventure.

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