Boating season is here, which means it’s time to load everyone up in your Marlago 37SS for the ultimate boat day! As one of the most cutting-edge boats in Naples FL and beyond, our 37SS hits the water with quality and performance every time. Plus, with its top-of-the-line features, entertaining on the 37SS is a thrill. That’s why we have curated a list of 5 ways you can take your boat day to the next level on our 37SS. Read on to discover our tips and tricks!

Dock Hopping To The Best Restaurants & Bars
Florida boat dealers agree – a great way to liven up any boat day is an exciting trip around the water. Show off your boating community to your guests and have fun while doing it by dock hopping to the best bars and restaurants on the water! Grab a bite and let your crew grab a drink, and head to the next hot spot on your list!

Inspired Cocktails For Your Guests
Treat your guests to a round of boating-themed cocktails to take your boat day to the next level. As the boat operator, you may have to wait to enjoy a sip until you’re back home, but your guests will surely enjoy a Maritime Martini, Sea Breeze, Ocean Mist, or Anchors Away. Or come up with your own inspired cocktail recipe and see what your guests think!

Hidden Treasure Boating Destinations
There’s nothing more exciting than cruising along and finding the perfect spot to anchor down and enjoy the water with friends! Whether it’s a secluded island with a sandy spot to hop ashore or a popular boating destination to spend a few hours with others, exploring can be just as fun as the destination. So, open your horizon and treat your guests to an adventure on one of the most comfortable and cruise-worthy boats around!

Unlocking Your Inner DJ
Pump up the party and take advantage of the 37SS’s incredible stereo by unlocking your inner DJ! Whether you’re into more relaxing music as you cruise or a fun collection of songs as you’re parked at a boating destination, music can be the perfect backdrop to a day out on the water. Create a custom playlist for the day and show it off or let the radio do the work. Whatever your preference, the 377SS has you covered!

Sit Back and Relax!
One of the best tips and tricks to enjoying boating in Florida seems like a pretty simple one – relax and enjoy it! With our ultimate cruising boats coupled with Florida’s exquisite weather and landscapes, there’s no better way to enjoy the day than just sitting back and taking it all in. Give your guests a chance to relax and enjoy the cruise in the extremely comfortable cabin space the 37SS provides!

We don’t blame you for wanting to show off your exceptional Marlago 37SS to your crew and a great way to do that is by treating them (and yourself) to the ultimate day on the water! With the highest-quality features that the 37SS offers partnered with these fun to-do’s, you can take full advantage of an entertaining boat day your guests are sure to enjoy! And when you’re ready to hit the water in a vessel like none other, give us a call and find a local Marlago dealer near you!