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Why Marlago

Cruising Lifestyles

2603, 2019

Marlago, We’ve Got This Right

Back in the days before the center console market exploded, there was the Marlago. No one could have predicted where the market was going… no one but David Shaw. Back in those days Jefferson Yachts was building motor yachts, big beautiful, motor yachts! David envisioned a new boat, a big [...]

2502, 2019

A Trip to Remember

This from a Marlago customer: Dear Marlago team, last spring break my family took our Marlago to Florida for spring break. The trip is something we had been wanting to do for years. We trailered the boat down from Kentucky in our ¾ Chevy truck without issue. We met our [...]

2108, 2018

Buy the Boat!

I have always loved boats, my first boat was a wood boat, an Owens with a hole in the side! That didn’t keep me from loving it though. I loved everything about it, the smell, the feel, even working on it made me happy. There are few things that make [...]