As a family-owned business, we know the value of a boat day that the whole family can enjoy! This holiday season, grab your loved ones and head out to the water with these 5 family-friendly activities to enjoy on the best cruising boats!

Card Games on the Bow

Our high-performance boats come equipped with a spacious, comfortable bow that includes contoured cushions and an optional fiberglass table — this means plenty of room for a casual game of cards! Whether your deck of choice is Uno or Go Fish, you’ll surely have a blast with your kiddos. Go ahead — anchor that boat, gather at the bow, and don’t forget the cooler!


It’s a tale as old as time — family fishing is so much fun! And the exclusive fishing features on our 37SS make it an even more enjoyable adventure. From our rod holders to our insulated fish boxes, you’ll surely come home with a happy heart and a full net!

Discover New Stops

Since winter weather typically means you won’t be too eager to dip your toes in the water, a great idea for your day on the boat could include exploring the land in and around whatever body of water you’re cruising in. See if you and your family can find and secluded islands or peninsulas on your trip. You might even find a fun spot to stop, dock the boat, and explore. You can even give your newly discovered treasure a name!

Dockside Dinner

By now those little stomachs are starting to growl, so mix things up for dinner with a dockside meal! Order takeout at your favorite shoreline restaurant or pack the cooler with your favorite feat, and find a dock to sit and eat. Why does food always seem to taste better with a beautiful view of the water on the side?

Christmas Lights Cruise

As the sun starts to go down on your family-day adventure, the fun doesn’t have to stop! ‘Tis the season for house decked out with a whole lot of Christmas spirit. That means it’s the perfect time to cruise along the shoreline and point out the houses that really catch your eye. Vote for your favorites and see if you can find the most decorated house (or dock) along the shores. Bonus points if you decorate your boat with your very own Christmas gear, too!

Our performance cruising boats aren’t just loads of fun in the warmer months! There is so much to enjoy on the water with your family — especially when you’re doing it with the best cruising boat out there. Check out all of our features and capabilities on our website, and let us be a part of your next family-fun day out on the water!