This from a Marlago customer:

Dear Marlago team, last spring break my family took our Marlago to Florida for spring break. The trip is something we had been wanting to do for years.

We trailered the boat down from Kentucky in our ¾ Chevy truck without issue.

We met our friends in Sarasota and launched our Marlago for the first time in the crystal blue waters of Sarasota Bay for the first time. In the following days what we experienced with our Marlago was incredible.

We spent the first couple of days exploring the area, we found a sandbar area where we gently nudged her bow into the sand and dropped the hook. The kids swam in the warm waters around the boat finding sand dollars and even came into a close encounter with a Manatee!

On the third day, we decided to run on the outside. Having never experienced this before, we headed out under the bridge into the Gulf. The boat performed beautifully! She handled the sea like a champ.

We ran for hours in a small chop, not one time did we experience anything but a smooth, fun, and safe ride. She was fast, we took her up over 60 mph with absolutely no spray onto the boat.

We just wanted to say thank you for building a boat that does exactly what it was promised to do.

It was a time we will never forget. We already have another trip planned to do it all over again.