If you ask our customers why they love their Marlago boats, they will probably give you a list of reasons – but one of the top reasons is because they make the best vessel for all your boating needs. From versatility to style and everything in between, our 37SS hits the mark every single time. Read on for a closer look at our legendary 37SS.

Luxury Features
Nothing goes faster and smoother than Marlago. Because of our luxury features and design excellence, you can enjoy the cruise with comfortability. Some of our incredible features include a stainless T-top frame surrounded by a glare-reducing Solex windscreen, cockpit electronics mounted in a smooth and sleek, angled “glass dash” designed for the helmsman’s comfortable view, a double berth cuddy, and interior features such as sun-lounger, forward seating with storage, huge fish boxes, and contoured combing pads – and so much more!

Race-Inspired Foundation
When we say “race-inspired”, we mean it! From a rich lineage of legendary offshore racing, Marlago’s rich history is speckled with inspiration drawn from American legends. When you experience the smooth offshore speed of the Marlago, you are at the helm of a true descendent of history.

Cruising Mission
The 37SS was built to be the ultimate cruising vessel – and it achieves exactly that and more! The 37SS boasts a comfortable cruise at about 40 mph and offers an amazing fuel rate of 1.7 mpg. A stainless windshield frame, large sun pad, and twin berth cuddy (with optional AC) put the Marlago ahead of the rest of the pack, leaving them with a smooth wake to follow and making for the best cruising boat on the market!

The 37SS is truly making waves in the boating market – and rightfully so! It’s no wonder our clients are in love with their Marlago. No matter where life takes you or what new adventures you embark on, Marlago is proud to be a part of your journey. Reach out today to bring home the boat of your dreams!